Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Project Plan Post 6 of 7 - WP4: Requirements design, testing and dissemination, project management

WP 4 is the basis for and integrates WP1-3 and sets as its objectives the definition the requirements design, testing and dissemination of the solution, and project management. Laura James at CARET, University of Cambridge, is responsible for delivery of this work package.

During testing, users can make additional suggestions to improve the system. These suggestions will be evaluated and will be the basis for further development (only partially scope of this WP). The project management task is responsible for the co-ordination of the project in both administrative and technical terms aiming towards achieving effective operation of the project as well as timely delivery of high-quality results. Specific management structures and techniques have been devised to support the following objectives:
  • Organisation and running of project meetings and achieving common understanding within the project.
  • Setting up services for electronic documentation storage.
  • Production of high quality technical documentation.
  • Establishment of an efficient system of electronic communication and report storage.
  • Coordinating and managing end user communications methods, and managing user expectations
  • Aligning the needs and wishes of project stakeholders, including the project partners and JISC, and ensuring all stay informed about project progress
  • Identifying project success factors and monitoring progress towards these, taking action when required
  • Disseminating project learning to the wider sector community, including at events (potentially continuing past project end)

Task 4.1
Definition which requirements in terms of standards, algorithms, methods and implementation technologies are being used for the project to ensure a successful technological cooperation during the project. (Partners: Mendeley 0.5PM, Symplectic 0.5PM, University of Cambridge 0.5PM)

Task 4.2

Testing and dissemination the developed solution among selected users and researchers at the University of Cambridge. Evaluation of user feedback and testing results to establish basis for further improvement / development of the system. Ongoing end user engagement through multiple channels. (Partners: Mendeley 3PM, Symplectic 1PM, University of Cambridge 3PM)

Task 4.3

Project and development management and project administration
  • Project development and implementation management 
  • Organisation of a kick-off meeting, intermediary meetings and mid-term assessment of
    project progress 
  • General contract administration including consortium agreement
  • Financial administration and liaison with JISC 
  • Solution of possible conflicts and misunderstandings and overcoming encountered
  • problems throughout the project period
(Partners: Mendeley2PM, Symplectic 1PM, University of Cambridge 2PM)

Task 4.4
Reporting – To guarantee smooth running of project activities and timely delivery of planned outcomes.

  • Production of management reports and integrated cost statements 
  • Instruction and supervision of partners for efficient reporting of the progress of their
  • Compilation of joint intermediate and final reports
(Partners: University of Cambridge 1PM)


D 4.1 Requirements definition document (month 1) 

D 4.2 Dissemination, testing, and feedback report (month 12) 

D 4.3 Project kick-off meeting (Month 1) 

D 4.4 Project meetings (incl. minutes) (months 3, 6, 9) and final project report (month 12)

D 4.5 Sharing learnings with wider community via event(s) (month 12+)

D 4.6 Report on end user engagement and its implications for sustainability (month 12)

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