Friday, 2 July 2010

Project Plan Post 4 of 7: IPR (Creative Commons Use & Open Source Software Licence)

All APIs developed during the course of this project will be open sourced, whilst all solutions currently implemented in either Mendeley or Symplectic will remain proprietary to protect their business models.

Symplectic is currently unable to make open source its already existing API and Repository Tools software as a part of this project. However, the “push” functionality referred to elsewhere, which would allow a user of the Mendeley interface to apply data to the Symplectic system, will be made open source. Symplectic’s open source code, together with documentation, will be provided under GPL and will be deposited on Google Code.

While Mendeley aims to create a “freemium” end-user product (software that has both a basic free version and a paid premium version), the APIs developed to connect the institutional repository to Mendeley will be open sourced, thoroughly documented, and hosted by both Cambridge and Mendeley, as well as on and Google Code under GPL license.

As well as code, there may be IPR issues around the content to be transferred/produced in the system we create; there will be an ongoing strand around IPR in the DURA project in which we will investigate these issue and disseminate what we learn on this blog. We do not anticipate major problems in this area, though.

All project documentation including this blog [will be | is] available under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence.

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